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Security and Military Power in the Arctic

For a long time, the Arctic has been regarded as a stable region with low tension. However, even though low tension prevails, it is a fact that the circumpolar region also encompasses some of the world’s most capable and potent military capabilities and is related to global security dynamics. This special issue illuminates several aspects of security and military power pertaining to the Arctic region.

In the first article the upgrading and restructuring of Russia’s northern military district and arctic bases are analyzed. Three of the articles analyze developments pertaining to military security in the West, focusing on Nordic defence cooperation, the US Marine Corps and their training and operations on NATO’s Northern Flank, as well as the strategic role of land power on NATO’s Northern Flank. The fifth article focuses on the role rhetoric plays as a part of the security dilemma dynamic currently experienced between Russia and NATO. The last article discusses navigational rights for warships in the Northwest and Northeast Passages within the legal framework of the Law of the sea.

- Njord Wegge (guest editor) and Sigbjørn Halsne (asst. guest editor), Norwegian Defence University College/ Norwegian Military Academy

(Photo: Soldiers assigned to Norway’s Brigade North 2nd Battalion conduct reconnaissance missions on snowmobiles. © Forsvaret/Ole-Sverre Haugli)

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