About the Journal

Arctic Review on Law and Politics is a scientific, multidisciplinary journal in the fields of jurisprudence and social sciences. Jurisprudence and social sciences are understood in a wide sense, as they also encompass such academic disciplines as economy, sociology, human geography, social anthropology and ethnography. The journal is approved as a 'Level 1' journal in the Norwegian journal registry (effective 1 january 2019).

The journal presents peer-reviewed articles on topics related to the Circumpolar Northern societies, and welcomes e.g. papers on governance issues, resource management, fishery issues, environmental questions and topics related to the Northern Sea Routes and the law of the sea. The journal also has a heavy focus on Northern Indigenous people’s rights and protection of aboriginal livelihoods, languages and cultures. In addition to publishing peer-reviewed articles, the journal publishes book reviews, commentaries about published papers, debates and news on Arctic law and politics.

Arctic Review on Law and Politics has its seat in Tromsø, the Arctic port of Norway, where the founding editor is also located. In addition to the editor-in-chief and founding editor, the editorial board consists of an associate editor situated in Prince George, Canada, and national co-editors from Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Russia, Sweden and the USA. The broad composition of the editorial board means that the journal welcomes contributions from the entire Circumpolar North, and we are proud to have published extensive works by researchers from both Russia and Canada.