Science at Stake – Russia and the Arctic Council


  • Serafima Andreeva Fridtjof Nansen Institute, Norway


The discontinuation of cooperation with Russia in the Arctic Council in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine may severely impact Arctic climate science. Since its creation, the Arctic Council has been a symbol of diplomacy and values of scientific integrity. However, with all institutional research collaborations with Russia on hold and few windows open for researcher-to-researcher dialogue, the Arctic Council faces its most significant challenge to date. This article discusses possibilities for the maintenance and implementation of Arctic science with its Russian contributions and examines how conditions changed after February 24, 2022. The analysis is based on interviews with Russian researchers working on Arctic issues and participants in Arctic Council projects conducted after March 2022. The article maps out scientific practices in the Arctic Council and Russian Arctic science across three dimensions: knowledge translation, depoliticized scientific independence, and maintenance of researcher networks.

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Andreeva, S. (2023). Science at Stake – Russia and the Arctic Council. Arctic Review on Law and Politics, 14, 112–131.



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Arctic, Arctic Council, Russia, climate change, science–policy interface