The Norwegian Bioeconomy Strategy and the Way Forward for Blue Growth


  • Ingelinn Pleym Nofima, Norway
  • Marianne Svorken Nofima, Norway
  • Ingrid Kvalvik Nofima, Norway


The Arctic Council Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG) recently released a report on the blue bioeconomy in the Arctic. In this paper, we discuss the Norwegian policy to promote the Norwegian blue bioeconomy, analysing the government’s bioeconomy strategy and its strategy for marine residuals. We find that the strategies have several and partly incompatible goals, related to improving the economic, environmental, and social sustainability of the seafood sector. We discuss challenges and (missed) opportunities in the Norwegian government’s strategy for turning the Norwegian economy towards blue growth. Our findings are supported by recent studies that conclude that more efficient and coherent policy actions are needed to ensure the sustainability of the marine bioeconomy.

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Author Biographies

Ingelinn Pleym, Nofima, Norway

Department for Marketing Research

Marianne Svorken, Nofima, Norway

Department for Industrial Economics

Ingrid Kvalvik, Nofima, Norway

Department for Industrial Economics



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Pleym, I., Svorken, M., & Kvalvik, I. (2021). The Norwegian Bioeconomy Strategy and the Way Forward for Blue Growth. Arctic Review on Law and Politics, 12, 238–244.



Debates on Arctic Law and Politics


Arctic blue bioeconomy, bioeconomy, blue growth, sustainable economic development, marine by-products, marine residuals, marine ingredients, marine side streams