The Concept and Structure of Russian Ecological Legislation


  • Mikhail M. Brinchuk


The article deals with the concept and structure of the eсоlogical legislation in the Russian Federation. The author estimates the value of the existing research on these issues to ensure balanced and harmonic development of regulation of ecological relations. He determines the object of these relations: nature (environment) and its individual components: natural objects and complexes. The subject of ecological legislation, i.e., the totality of public relations concerning the environment (nature), which are regulated in the law, is given consideration. Depending on the object the author mentions two approaches to the development of ecological legislation: integrated and differentiated. In the context of the federal structure of the Russian Federation he explores rules of development of ecological legislation at the Federal and regional levels.

Keywords: environment; nature; natural objects and complexes; the concept of ecological legislation; structure of ecological legislation; the object of ecological relations; the subject of ecological legislation.

Citation: Arctic Review on Law and Politics, vol. 3, 2/2012 pp. 152–161. ISSN 1891-6252

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Brinchuk, M. M. (2012). The Concept and Structure of Russian Ecological Legislation. Arctic Review on Law and Politics, 3(2).



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environment, nature, natural objects and complexes, the concept of ecological legislation, structure of ecological legislation, the object of ecological relations, the subject of ecological legislation